Forget that list of question to ask every DJ!

1. Can I meet/contact you before the wedding day?

You absolutely SHOULD meet.  Meet with someone WAY out of your budget range.  Why?  Because you’ll better understand the choice you’ll eventually make.  Market leaders will always help.

2. Will you personally be the DJ for our reception?

This question IS important especially when dealing with a Multi-Operator.  What is that?  The person you meet with isn’t going to be your dj.  You’ll meet the dj later.

3. Do you bring back up equipment?

If they DON’T….they shouldn’t be in business!!

4. Are you insured?

They will say “yes” and if they do, then ask to see their “rider”

5. Do you have a contract?

Really?!  Would you spend a lot of money with someone who provides a service ?  What’s more important, ask them to review the contract BEFORE you sign….

6. Do you take requests?

This is such a set-up question.  It’s totally up to YOU.  A better question is:  “At the reception, someone asks for a song from our “Do Not Play” list.  What do you do?  The answer will be interesting.  Why?  Ask ME!

7. Can you provide reviews or testimonials from past couples?

The answer is “YES”.  You should ask to see UP TO DATE testimonials from the past month or two.  Anything without a date/time stamp is useless!  I’m proud to share these things with you….

8. What happens if you are ill or something happens and you can’t DJ our

“I’ll get someone else”  That is a minefield answer.  WHO will you get?  How do you know them?  Tell me the name so I can research them too…..”

9. What all do you offer?

Too vague.  Be specific….

10. Can we visit you at a performance?

If they say “yes” be very careful about dealing with them.  If they do allow this, don’t be surprised if they “audition” for some other couples at YOUR event.

Most DJ’s, both good and bad have seen these questions so many times.  I see this list and think “oh boy, here we go”.  While it’s important to get answers, it’s more important to understand WHAT this person can bring to your wedding reception in terms of talent.  That’s IT!  If you buy lights and gear, that’s what you’ll get.  That’s ok if you don’t care about talent.  Just be careful and remember, don’t whip this list out and tell them the inquisition is about to begin.  Just ask questions about what’s important to you.  Ask them how they will respond when something uncomfortable and unusual happens.  That is when the talent will come out.  Good luck!

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